Services & Rates

Structural Integration

10 Series
$1300.00 or $130.00 /Per Session

Post 10 Work &
Individual Rolfing Sessions


Each session begins with a current analysis of posture and movement. Each person will be evaluated and treated differently in respect to the individual structural deviations, working to release the restrictions in the connective tissue. The work starts at a very superficial level in the tissue, becoming deeper depending on the level of restriction in each individual.  Intensity will vary from person to person. A very congested or blocked area may bring a moment of sensation (not pain), release, and then joy. Movement is especially important during the sessions, mentally and physically integrating new length and balance to one’s body.  Processing the proprioceptive information is vital to the 10 series and somatic process. Acute symptoms are treated holistically, treating the cause, releasing the pain.

Intelligent Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

90 Minutes $130.00